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Wireless printers are getting very popular at home and at the office. Why is that? There are many advantages of having one. Let's say you want the printer in a centralised area in the house so your kids can have access to the printer. Instead of having them entering your personal office area to retrieve there printouts. Also, there won't be any long cables running all over the place. In this article I will explain how Canon wireless printers work.
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Lets first go through a couple Canon printers.
Canon PIXMA MX870:
Not only can this printer use a Wi-Fi or optional Blue tooth, but has an exceptional resolution at 9600 x 2400 color DPI. and scans at 2400 x 4800 DPI. This is perfect for any home office. Has the ability to print out those special graph presentations and also those vacation pictures.
This printer also has a built in fax and has the ability to fax 100 coded speed dials.
It also has a 2.5 inch LCD display. You can easily view and edit the image without using your computer. I think that a nice feature.

It can use less paper because it has an option of printing on both sides without you manually turning the paper over. You can load paper on either the front or back of the printer.
Enjoy printing from your iPhone directly to your printer without the need of the computer. Whether you are running your business on a Mac or PC, this workhorse of a printer will meet all of your printing needs.
Canon PIXMA MP495:
Lets meet the Canon PIXMA MP495. It's a built in wireless printing and scanning machine. It is very compact and elegant looking printer. It has the HD movie print software that turns your HD movie clips from your Canon EOS digital SLR or Powershot cameras into fantastic pictures! The printing speed is more than adequate as it prints 5.7 PPM with regular text. This printer is best used for home printing.
Now lets investigate on how and what wireless is. Wireless local-area network is a wireless network that should be protected with an encryption code. This is called a Wi-Fi system. If not, some information can be leaked to your neighbors, as in credit card information and whatever is being downloaded can be charged to you. So as you can see it's very important that you use a code to protect yourself. With a wireless system there are no wires to trip over and it is very easy to connect it to all other computers in your network. You must use a router for a Wi-Fi to work.
Another wireless system is called Bluetooth. In this system you don't need any encryption code to protect it because it only uses momentary short bursts of energy to communicate to the other device. So the devices must be fairly close to each other, within lets say 30 feet.
Canon wireless printers are a better choice if you are using more than two computers to communicate wirelessly. In this case you can share files, programs, printers, scanners, and other devices.

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