Tips on Optimizing IPod Touch Battery Life

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Though iPod Touch has pretty healthy battery life, there are times when users require more battery than existing; particularly when traveling. Similarly, iPod Touch users feel that their battery is not lasting for long and exhaust quickly for various obvious careless use of the device. For such an issue called short-age of iPod Touch battery, various tips on optimizing iPod Touch Battery Life can work wonderfully well for users. Moreover, it does not take much just little conscious effort from users is enough. 

Numerous users have come across with the situation when their fully charged iPod Touch showed the discharged battery. Battery of iPod Touch gets discharged automatically when not put in sleep mode. Therefore, iPod users should put their device in sleep mode for that they need ‘lock' the device which automatically puts it onto a sleep mode of sorts. When users are not using the iPod Touch, it must be put in sleep mode as the device otherwise the device still consumes power.Similarly, iPod Touch users should hold the home button for more than five seconds whenever exiting an application including Safari. This is done so that there is proper exit from the application and not just switching to the home screen - a small but useful trick nevertheless. Similarly, turning off Wi-Fi helps in saving precious iPod Touch battery life. Therefore, users should put Wi-Fi off unless they using the email app, or downloading songs from iTunes. An on-mode Wi-Fi consumes huge battery life and the precious iPod Touch battery drains out unknowingly.

Some iPod users with their hit and trial have come up with the idea that when charging the battery one should keep the Touch on. This may not sound logical but indeed based on the opinion of some iPod Touch user. Similarly, setting Auto-lock for three odd minutes helps in saving the battery life of iPod Touch. In order to set Auto-lock, an iPod Touch user should go to Settings, and then move to General, and then there is the option of Auto-lock. Set the Auto-lock for no more than 3 minutes. It will work like sleep mode on a PC-and will save battery life without turning the iPod Touch off.

Going with the experience of iPod Touch users on the tricks of saving the battery life, leaving the iPod Touch on saves lots of battery life. According to these users when the iPod Touch is left On, it lets Auto-lock save the battery life. The formation of the trick is on the practical experience wherein the user felt that turning the Touch off and back on uses more battery power than it should. However, when all the tips on optimization of iPod Touch battery life fail it is best to buy iPod Touch batteries manufactured and sold by New Trent. New Trent is a leading manufacturer of iPhone battery extenders, iPhone cases, iPhone chargers, etc.

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