Apple shocked the palsied tablet market back to life at CES

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When was the last time you referred to your computer as a "486-DX66"? When was the last time that you even thought about what microprocessor was beating at the heart of your PC/laptop/phone/game?
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Computer processing has leaped so far so fast that sometime in the past decade it became commodified. Consumers no longer pay attention to what's inside their devices because just about any computer they can buy is guaranteed to be far more powerful than they probably need for everyday browsing, storage and media.
What determines buying decisions are the personal choices drivers make that are peripheral to actual driving. You might be raising a family in the suburbs, so you buy an SUV with a DVD system to keep the kids occupied. Or maybe you're single and looking, so a sporty convertible is more your speed, or you want to save the world, so you seek out a hybrid or even an electric car with no air-conditioning. If you're like most people, you're not interested in a turbocharged racing car to get you to the grocery story,It doesn't work that way with computers, which mostly come in two racing classes that all look alike, like Formula 1 (desktops) and NASCAR (mobile computers). The odds are you're computing on the equivalent of a Ferrari when all you really need is a nicely detailed Honda. wholesale high quality Touch Screen LCD MonitorsLaptop ComputersLaptop BatteriesLCD MonitorsUSB Monitors, ON-Camera Field HD Monitors, Cool Accessories for eBay sellers, distributors, store owners, retailers, drop shippers and small wholesalers at competitive prices.
That's inefficient, which is why it's so encouraging that if you're browsing previews of this week's 2011Consumer Electronics Show, you're probably reading a lot about old-fashioned computer guts: processors and screens and inputs and size.
That's why convention-goers will be walking through the CES halls this week like Michael Jackson in the "Billy Jean" video, unable to move without stepping on some lighted, beeping slab. Tablet computers will be everywhere, and they'll be differentiated as much by their form — 7-inch screen or 10-inch? Oak Trail, Tegra or Snapdragon processor? HDMI out? — as by their function.
This is true even of e-readers like Amazon's Kindle and Barnes & Noble's Nook — they're full Linux-based handheld computers that do everything the other tablets do if you know how to tweak them. They're just not marketed that way, because the market has shown that millions of people want a simple box to store and present their books. It's a hardware choice on the part of both builder and buyer.
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A caution about Android tablets: All of them now on the market run earlier, less-powerful versions of Android meant for smartphones. They're not supported by Google, which doesn't let most of them — except a few like Samsung's three-quarters-baked Galaxy Tab You're better off waiting for soon-to-come tablets running Android 3.0, which Google is expected to fully optimize for tablets.
Microsoft is here pushing hardware: Windows 7-powered tablets from major manufacturers like Hewlett-Packard and Asus. The advantage is they're tablets running Windows. The disadvantage is they're tablets running Windows.

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lifeinsurance Says :
January 12, 2011 at 11:03 PM

Earlier samsung tablet galaxy tab, shocked the iPad and now it is the turn of Apple shocking everyone else. let us see, how market reacts to large number of tablets being launched in the market in 2011.

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November 22, 2012 at 4:12 AM

Great, very interesting topic here!

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