Ethernet Cables And Connections

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Ethernet cables are used to connect network devices such as routers, adapters, and modems. They transmit information using the Ethernet protocol. Equipment connected to an Ethernet cable is referred to as wired device. Wireless devices use radio waves instead of Ethernet cables. Some network devices use both wireless and Ethernet connections and these types of networks are usually referred to as just wireless networks. An network lead has eight color-coded wires. These eight wires are twisted and grouped as four pairs of wires, and each pair has a common color theme. The purpose of these twists is to counteract interference and noise. You can wire your own leads. These are very simple to do. Many people have no idea that they can do their own wiring of leads and connectors. If you have a basic knowledge of an Ethernet cable, the various types of jacks and plugs that are available, and how to make use of a few different small tools, then you can handle this project at home. The materials you need to construct an Ethernet cable can be easily obtained at many computer stores or home or electrical centers. Once you have obtained the needed supplies and tools, you can begin to wire your lead. It is important to follow standard wiring procedure in order to achieve proper performance. Although many standards are available when it comes to wiring, straight-through procedure is the most popular of them all. There are 8-position modular connectors called RJ45 plugs and these have similar look to a widened phone plug. They are available various styles, and it's important that you know which one you will need to use. RJ45 jacks are only compatible with solid type leads. Additionally, most jacks are made for T568A, T568B, or sometimes both. Be sure you use the correct one. Typically, all fixed wiring follow the straight through procedure. The reason is because straight through is the most versatile, because of the fact that many Ethernet interfaces often cross and un-cross as needed. Wiring a Fixed Ethernet Cable can be done in the following way. Determine the length of the Ethernet cable you want to make. Be sure it is longer than the desired length. Grab one end and cut the wire to length. Make sure to leave enough length that gives you adequate material to work with. Grab the end of the cable and strip off about 2 inches of the plastic. Align the colored wires according to the lay out of the jack. Now with the punch down tool all you need to do is insert the wires into the jack, one at a time. Follow these steps for the other RJ45 jack.

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