Revamp Your Macbook With Colors

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Are you tired of the same piano key white color of your Macbook Pro? Go crazy with all the additional designs you can add to your laptop. Get Macbook keyboard stickers, sleeves, palmguards, and many more. Owning a Macbook is no longer the luxury it used to be. With most people owning one these days, you may find it difficult to stand out among a sea of identical laptop users. Express yourself with keyboard stickers, sleeves, cases, palmguards, and other accessories. Find your inner individuality and allow it to translate on your gadget for all the world to see. The Macbook Pro's design is plain and simple, yet has an edgy feel to it. While it is already great on its own, it is normal to feel as if something is lacking with the design. When you look at the laptop, it may actually serve as a canvas for your creativity. With its single block color theme, it makes for the perfect space to fill with other hues. Here are some ways you can revamp your gadget. Stick 'Em and Press 'Em Other than being soft to touch, the spaces on each key allows for lesser typographical mistakes. Not only that, it gives each key a good frame. It is the perfect place to put stickers and introduce a bright new feel to your gadget. You can get Macbook keyboard stickers of varying designs and stick them yourself. What makes these keyboard stickers awesome is it is in your own preference how you want the result to look like. You can show your inner patriot and recreate your country's flag through the different colors available. Show your support for the LGBT with rainbow patterns, or relive your childhood days by putting cartoon character based stickers. It is all up to you how you want your gadget to look like. The Iconic Apple That glowing Apple logo behind your screen is the perfect template for your creative mind. Play with the image and introduce large stickers of famous characters holding onto the logo. It can be the classic tale of Snow White as she accepts the poisonous fruit from the wicked witch. Put the Ironman sticker over the design and have the Apple shape act as his glowing chest piece. There are just so many designs you can think of from a blank page with an apple in the middle. What's Under Your Palm? Using the touchpad can be frustrating for those who are still trying to figure things out. As your palm will rest on the right side of the pad for most of the time, it will always be in constant friction. Protect your palm and wrists from darkening with palmguards. While it is helping your hands stay cozy, that whole row of blank color is another perfect spot for various designs. Introduce nebula clouds, flags, floral or jagged patterns to your rather lifeless resting spot. Comfort and elegance goes hand in hand with palmguards installed on this panel.

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